Adam Phillips

Adam Phillips (author), represented by Felicity Rubinstein

Adam Phillips, formerly Principal Child Psychotherapist at Charing Cross Hospital, London, is a practising psychoanalyst and a visiting professor in the English department at the University of York. He is the author of numerous works of psychoanalysis and literary criticism, including On Kissing Tickling and Being Bored and most recently On Getting Better and On Wanting to Change. He is General Editor of the Penguin Modern Classics Freud translations, and a Fellow of The Royal Society of Literature.

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On Giving Up
On Getting Better
On Wanting to Change
Attention Seeking
One Way and Another
In Writing
Unforbidden Pleasures
Becoming Freud
On Kindness
Missing Out
On Balance
Going Sane
Side Effects
Darwin's Worms
Promises, Promises
Houdini's Box
The Beast in The Nursery
On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored
On Flirtation
Terrors and Experts