Bella Pollen

Bella Pollen (author), represented by Sarah Lutyens

Raised in New York, Bella Pollen is a writer and journalist who has contributed to a variety of publications, including UK and American Vogue, The Financial Times and The Observer.

Author of five previous novels, amongst them, the best selling Hunting Unicorns and critically acclaimed Summer of the Bear, Pollen has tackled a broad spectrum of subjects from Cold War intrigue to decline of the British Aristocracy to the immigration issues of the US/Mexican Border.

With Meet Me in the In-Between, an illustrated memoir described variously as “disturbing”, “visually stunning” and “full of moving profundities”, Pollen takes the reader on her illuminating, funny and often painful quest to keep looking for the extraordinary in an ordinary life.

Pollen teaches and mentors young writers. She is a fellow of the Virginia Centre of Creative Arts and is closely involved with Marefat School, Kabul, which educates nearly 3,000 Hazara boys and girls.

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