David Hare

David Hare (author), represented by Sarah Lutyens

David Hare has written over thirty stage plays and thirty screenplays for film and television. The plays include Plenty, Pravda, The Secret Rapture, Racing Demon, Skylight, Amy’s View, The Blue Room, Via Dolorosa, Stuff Happens, The Absence of War, The Judas Kiss, The Red Barn, The Moderate Soprano, I’m Not Running and Beat the Devil. For cinema he has written The Hours, The Reader, Damage, Denial, Wetherby and The White Crow among others, while his television films include Licking Hitler, the Worricker Trilogy, Collateral and Roadkill. In a millennial poll of the greatest plays of the twentieth century, five of the top hundred were his. His memoir The Blue Touch Paper is published by Faber.

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