Garth Jennings

Garth Jennings is a film director, writer and artist. He has directed many music videos and commercials with his co-owned production company Hammer & Tongs. His work includes videos for Blur, Radiohead, Beck, R.E.M, Fatboy Slim and Vampire Weekend. He is the director of the feature film The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and he wrote and directed the semi-autobiographical film Son of Rambow. Garth went on to write and direct the animated films Sing and Sing 2 with Illumination Entertainment and he is the author of four children's books, The Wildest Cowboy, The Deadly Seven, The Good the Bad and the Deadly Seven and The Curse of the Deadly Seven.

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Wildest Cowboy
The Deadly Seven
The Good the Bad and the Deadly Seven
The Curse of the Deadly Seven