Estate of Kate Figes

Kate Figes (author), represented by Felicity Rubinstein

Kate Figes was an English author and journalist. After graduating in Russian and Arabic from the Polytechnic of Central London, Figes became a sales representative for the Pandora feminist publishing house and later a publicist and editor for the same firm. Following a part-time job as fiction editor for Cosmopolitan, leading to newspaper commissions and her appointment in 1996 as the books editor of You magazine, a post she retained for the rest of her career. She wrote six books of non-fiction, Life After Birth, Terrible Teens, The Bitch Book, Couples, Our Cheating Hearts and On Smaller Dogs and Larger Life Questions and two novels, What About Me? and What About Me Too?

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On Smaller Dogs and Larger Life Questions
Our Cheating Hearts
What About Me Too
What About Me?
The Terrible Teens
Life After Birth