Daisy Parente

Associate Agent

Daisy Parente - Literary Agent

I joined Lutyens & Rubinstein in 2008 and have run my own list since 2012. I am always open to submissions and am looking for books I love in almost any genre. I am a completely voracious reader and I love to think about how books are working in the world, but my favourite thing is to be swept away and unable to put a book down. My list includes award-winning writers in food writing, YA and middle-grade books, narrative non-fiction and memoir, contemporary and historical fiction, travel and nature writing, crime, music books including biographies and autobiographies, and poetry.

This year I am particularly hoping for more submissions of women’s commercial fiction and romance, funny books, untold histories, queer history and diverse voices in narrative food, travel and nature writing. I love books that teach me something new, and I can’t resist books that make me laugh or cry. My favourite books are the ones that really pull you in and don’t let go, and I’m always hoping to be surprised by something unusual and unexpected.

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