Sarah Lutyens

Literary Agent & Partner

Sarah Lutyens - Literary Agent

I launched the agency with Felicity in 1993 following a career in bookselling at Heyward Hill, then at the Literary Review and various publishing Rights Departments. We opened the L&R book shop in 2009 partly as a solution to the diminishing shelf space in our own homes. In 2023 it embarked on a new chapter under the ownership of Daunt Books as The L&R Bookshop and I will now be competing to be its most devoted customer. As well as looking after my own clients, I work with the independent Australian publisher Text selling UK rights in their wide range of fiction and non-fiction. I read crime fiction obsessively and unputdownable is my favourite blurb adjective but I have eclectic taste and also love a wide range of literary fiction and non-fiction which makes you think and question the world we live in. Realistically, I am focussed more now on my existing clients and the business as a whole but I still find it hard to resist the rare project which brings out that Messianic glint in the eye.

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